Cut Sheet Features & Benefits

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· Create fiber optic splice point locations/cut sheets with increased speed, accuracy and clarity (Splice Point Creation)

· Create Separate fiber optic network splice point databases.

· Add digital and scan image documentation for fiber and location.

· Document and track Patch Panel and other fiber optic equipment installed for the fiber network.

· Cut Sheet cable, container, splice tray and conduit documentation.

· Sync options for automatic Cut Sheet Updating.

· Add up to 432 fibers per splice location

· Add 6 or 12 fibers per buffer tube count (Standard fiber optic color code) (Increased Accuracy& Clarity)

· Add Loop or Mid-sheath cable representation (No splice locations)(Easy Location Setup)

· Open, Save, Update and Import Cut Sheets (Great Archival Tool)

· All viewable fields are up-datable individually or in grouped sequence. (Flexible Editing)

· Feed or C.O. Count can always reflect the PON, HUB or Main Network Cable count of a fiber optic project, for every location, . (Fiber Tracking per location)

· Represent end of fiber locations for all fibers at every location on a fiber optic route.   Always know where each fiber ends. (Archival Tool)

· Create Address Tables that represent individual cut sheets or whole database projects (for easy adding of address info). (End Fiber Documentation, Think FTTx applications)

· Use created Cut Sheets for verification (and splicing) of splice points when splicing is complete. (Decrease Splicing Mistakes)

·    Sync created Cut Sheets as not to have to re enter information on new or existing cut sheets. (Easy data entry)

·   Add and track Customers for each of your fiber optic networks

· Multiple Cut Sheet Reporting Options, with a document sharing feature for varied and precise information.

 Splitter Cut Sheet Creation Tools (Document feed fibers for distribution of hub fibers)

· Add Splitter Cut Sheets to your main line cable cut sheet or make a standalone splitter cut sheet. (Interconnects feed fibers with distribution fibers)

· Splitter Cut Sheets can be from 2 to 32 fibers per splitter cut sheet. (Multiple size options)

· Save, Open, Update and Import Splitter Cut Sheets

· Splitter Cut Sheet Address Tables

· Share the Cut Sheet & Splitter Cut Sheet print out with those without the Cut Sheet Software, for reprint of cut sheets. (Read Only Documentation) 

· Always know the buffer tube & fiber color splicing layout for all your fiber optic project routes.

· The Cut Sheet Matrix makes for a good splice point troubleshooting tool when your in the field looking for a non working fiber or damaged issue.

And these are just some of the benefits of the Cut Sheet Matrix Software.  Check out our 30 day demo to really get a feel for the program or just have us create a professionally document fiber optic network for you.

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