Pricing Options for Cut Sheets, Projects and Software

Price & Services
We at Precision Fiber Optic have decided to reduce the price of our Cut Sheet Software and Services.  We realize that our product will need a mapping feature in order to full realize the potential of this software, and is in the works to be out later this year.
And although the mapping features will enhance the Cut Sheet Software, the other Cut Sheet and Splitter Cut Sheet features still allow you to create a fast, precise, splice point location in which you can use to splice and or document you fiber optic network.
The mapping feature of the Cut Sheet software will be an update process for those who currently own the fiber optic Cut Sheet Matrix software.
Precision Fiber Optics will make your cut sheets and or complete cut sheet projects for your company's fiber optic network documentation needs (for locations we splice, we provide our software free of charge and a Basic setup of that location).

Based on your engineered numbered splice counts or cable layout with dwellings, we will take and convert those splice counts into color coded blue prints for you company to splice, giving color coded documentation for each of your splice point locations and helping to increase speed and accuracy to your fiber optic splicing projects.  If Precision Fiber Optics completes the splicing of your project, as head splicing contractor, you will receive a Free copy of our Cut Sheet Matrix software, on all final cut sheets for that projects we work.

And if you do not have your splice counts for your project, but you know exactly how you want to lay the fiber cables and what potential size cables.  Precision Fiber Optics can take the project layout, as to house and or buildings and assign the correct number of fibers for each splice point to feed all desired locations, all color coded, making splicing a clear cut process and making the fiber optic project that much smoother.

New also this year is our standard pricing for all loop/mid sheath cable cut sheet setups, check out the different options for cut sheet creation (Basic, Medium and Full Service).

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1.  Full Cut Sheet Project (more than one location)

A Full Cut Sheet Project will consists of all indicated fiber optic cut sheets for each location for a fiber optic network.  Full infomation of splice points, fiber addresses, photo documentation, file documentation for more in depth product info installed, as well as, full fiber optic container, conduit and cable documentation.The full Cut Sheet Project can also document the Patch Panel and fiber optic type equipment install and what is being services.  The projects could be FTTx, Remote fiber AFC distribution, PON, Inside Buildings or other projects where you will need fiber route documentation for splicing or archival.
All Customer information for project related to the fiber network.
Fully customized software forms needed to use the Cut Sheet Matrix Sheets we create for you and License for one computer, others available for small fee.
Training demo's for the cut sheets created for your fiber optic network.

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2.  One Location Cut Sheet

A Location Cut Sheet consists of one location for 2 or more fiber optic cables being spliced together.  This sheet will detail address of each fiber for that location, color of buffer tube and fiber, for each fiber, hand hole or man hole location, and corresponding Central Office or PON feed count. this sheet will include other options as well, customized options.


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3.  Audit Current Systems for Cut Sheet Creation

Auditing a working system, basically we will detail each splice point location, for a complete working fiber route.  This option is great for archiving splice point locations, future updating of projects or just keeping an up to date splicing matrix for all of your fiber routes.

Owens Fiber Optics will use it's standard estimating project system for the cost of the Audit option.  This will be Basic Detail, Medium Detail and Full Service, see pricing below, with the easy or complexity of each project determining the ultimate price range out come.

All detailing options come with Free Cut Sheet Matrix software.



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Types of Cut Sheet Detail Available

1. Basic Detail

Color Coded cables for a splice point location.  Depending on version of software up to 432 fibers represented per each location.  Address or lot # destinations for the fiber splice point included.  This options is great for main line splicing, multiple cables (4 or more) and large cable counts, with multiple cables.  It can help with speed and accuracy when putting together a fiber splice point.  And makes for clear and precise documenting tool for your fiber optic routes.  (Included for free when Precision Fiber Optics does your splicing).

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2.  Medium Cut Sheet Detail Conversion (Add 2 additional features to document)

This option has the same benefits as the Basic Detail option, with an added bonus of Assigned Customer Name for each fiber for each splice point location and you can  also add the Customer Tracking Form for even more detail for each Customer in your fiber optic route database for an additional price.  This options will include hand hole or manhole location information, for each drop or terminal line to the premise you splice in your fiber route.
You can include OTDR (Optical Time Domain Refractometer) Readings Tracking Form, Images for each fiber and or location splice point in the Full Service Cut Sheet Conversion.  Check at the bottom of this page for additional options you can add to your cut sheets.

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3.  Full Cut Sheet Service
The Full Service Detail
option, will give the same benefits as the Basic Detail and Medium Detail options with the added benefit of our cut sheet software with full service custom options, all tailored to you project needs.  This can include customized Cut Sheet Forms, Patch Panel and Fiber Equipment Installed, Digital Images of splice locations and fiber destinations to mention some of the features.
Check bottom of this page for additional Cut Sheet Software Options.
The Full Cut Sheet Detail Service will give a comprehensive documentation of your fiber network assets. Color coding your splice point cables is just one of the many features of the software, below is a list of included documentation services for the Full Detail Option.
1.  Location Color Coded Cut Sheet for each splice point, includes address or lot information for each assigned fiber, location info, plus other pertinent info.
2.  Full splice point cable documentation manufacture info, cable specification information, sequential numbers (in and out) and any other pertinent info related to cables for each splice point.
3.  Fiber Optic Container/Case information and digital documentation, case spec info and other case info.
4.  Splice Tray Layout for each splice point
5.  Conduit Information for each splice point with digital documentation.
6.  Customer Assignment per fiber Info.
7.  Power Meter and OTDR Readings, if already available.
8.  Fiber Optic Equipment Port Connections and Patch Panel fiber Cut Sheet assignment info, equipment spec info, connector documentation per equipment port.
9.  Documentation of Splitter splice points and Splitter Patch Panel Assignments.
10.  Full Splice Point and Fiber Locations digital documentation or splice trays, containers, conduit, hand hole or location layout, and we also will scan in blueprints and CAD drawing files to the appropriate fiber of splice location record. 


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4.  Update Existing Cut Sheet

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5.  Create Splice Counts for Project Layouts

Do It Yourself

*Precision Fiber Optics uses a special software program
to create its own cut sheet and splitter cut sheets.
You may purchase the full version,
if you have not checked out the Cut Sheet Creation software 
please investigate further above this section and throughout

out the web site.

Full Cut Sheet Software
Cut Sheet & Splitter Tools

Buying the full version of the Cut Sheet Program will give you the ability to create not only color coded blueprint splice counts, but also color coded splitter cut sheets.  The main cut sheet program can represent up to 432 fibers per location and the splitter part of the program can represent up-to 32 fibers per splitter.  Each fiber optic project can store all the cut sheets for that project in separate databases.  And the cut sheets can be shared by a free program, included with purchase.

Some other features:

     Cut Sheet Tools
           -Add 6 or 12 fiber buffer cable counts
           -Represent Mid Sheath Splice Points
           -Represent Buffer/Fiber Color to Color and Non Color to Color Application
           -Open, Save, Create and Import Cut Sheet Features
           -Update and change all fields in the cut sheet, grouped or individual
           -Make every splice location representative of the Central Office
            or PON/HUB count.
           -Create, Save and Update Address Tables that represent certain locations
             or whole PON/HUB counts.
           -Filter fibers by hand hole or man hole, by address, or any field that is on the
             Cut Sheet Update Form or Splitter Update Form.
            -Find the fiber path for individual fibers, locating every splice point the
              fiber follow threw its fiber optic route.
            -Sync your cut sheets, the Cut Sheet Tools allow you to create the main splice
             point of an location and sync all other cut sheets to it in the fiber optic database.
            -Multiple preview options for printing and viewing your cut sheet splice points and
             Splitter Cut Sheets.
             -Link Splitter Cut Sheets to your main line cut sheets.
             -Track and assign Customers to each fiber in your networks
            -Track and display fiber optic equipment, such as patch panels, switches and
            other type of fiber equipment.
             -Detail Fiber Optic cable and Container info, and add splice tray and conduit info per splice
             -Document with images and scanned information for each fiber and splice location.
             -Add and link to file for more in depth information of products installed for fiber networks.


Splitter Cut Sheet Tools Included:

Some other features are:

          Represent up-to 32 fibers per splitter cut sheet
          Represent from 6 fibers, 8 fibers or 12 fibers per buffer tube for your splitter cut sheets

         Create New Splitter Cut Sheets that are linked to the Cut Sheet Tools cut sheet
          Update and Save Splitter Cut Sheets as well as, import other splitter cut sheets from other Fiber Optic Project Databases
          Automatically backed up created splitter cut sheets in separate database
          Print and Sharing features of the created splitter cut sheets for easy view for others
          Use Splitter Cut Sheets to represent 1x-- splitter module fiber assignments in a PON Cabinet

Software System Requirements


   PC with P233 MHz or higher microprocessor.  Pentium III recommended.

   You will need Microsoft Windows 2000, system pack 3 or later/XP and Vista

   128 MB of RAM or above

   100 MB of available hard drive space.

   Super-VGA (800x600) or higher resolution

Retail Version



*Customer Information Form & ReportsThis option will allow you to enter and maintain customer information related to the fiber optic network.  You choose the fields you want to track.  We also will input and add this type of information to your Cut Sheets we create for you (additional price rate applies to chosen Detail Option).
*Digital Image of LocationThis option will allow for uploading of digital photographs of each splice location on the fiber route, detailing you network with photos of your assets in the field.  This might include pictures of splice trays and case, as well as photo's of the hand hole layout to name a few options.  We also will input and add this type of information to your Cut Sheets we create for you (additional price rate applies to chosen Detail Option).
*OTDR Trace InfoThis option will give your program the ability to enter and track each fiber's trace information.  The forms you will receive, track fiber loss and reflectance and even a table with all splice location loss and reflectance readings for each fiber on the fiber route.  We also will input and add this type of information to your Cut Sheets we create for you (additional price rate applies to chosen Detail Option).
*Splitter Port TrackingThis option will give your technician the ability to track how your 1x32 splitter port or other splitter sizes are assigned.  The feature will show how each fiber in you PON (passive optical network) type network is connected or feed for service.  We also will input and add this type of information to your Cut Sheets we create for you (additional price rate applies to chosen Detail Option).
*Equipment or Service Tracking (not ready for release) Coming May of 2010This option will allow you to track how each fiber is connected to equipment in the fiber optic network, patch panels, splitter modules, etc.  By letting you assign your network components to individual fibers on your network, you will know exactly what cable, buffer tube and fiber is connected from point A to point B with all the location information in between.  We also will input and add this type of information to your Cut Sheets we create for you (additional price rate applies to chosen Detail Option).
*Installed Fiber Optic Cable InfoThis added feature will allow for the tracking of the different types of cable on your fiber optic network.  Pull up a location on your cut sheet matrix software and know the type of cables used, the manufacture of the cable, the amount of buffer tube in the fiber optic case or container and the date the cable was made.  Also add other pertinent information of your own liking to track, such as, sequential numbers off each cable install point.  We also will input and add this type of information to your Cut Sheets we create for you (additional price rate applies to chosen Detail Option).
*Minor Splice Point Locations This options will take and expand on your existing major splice points.  This options goes further into detail by adding a cut sheet for each location on your fiber optic network, not just the major splice points.  This will explain each location in color coded detail just as the major splice cut sheets do.  The fiber rate is $1 to $3 per fiber, per location and must have a Main Cut Sheet documented.
Add Additional 432 per location for total of 864 fiber per splice location.
*Cut Sheet Matrix Database Creator This feature allow your company to create individual Cut Sheet Matrix databases for each of your Fiber Optic Networks.  This option gives your current database the ability to be created with the same feature enabled but a blank canvas for you to create any new fiber optic networks you may have.  Based on existing cut sheet features.


**  Use the Request Estimate option for any questions you may have on a particular splice count or complete project cost.  Estimates are free to give.

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